About ERA company

ERA company – one of the leaders in the production of modern ventilating systems in the world.

The history of the company dates back to 1997. Initially main area of modular ventilation systems. Today ERA company – powerful production enterprise, proved itself in the market of the ventilating equipment. Production space is 11000 sq.m.
Company has several branches of production, each production area is equipped with modern high-technology machinery.

ERA staff is 430 highly qualified specialists whose mission is to give people the chance to breathe fresh air, keeping health in conditions of big city. From year to year production capacities grown, the product range increases and the sales network extends.

Stages of development

Range: 15 items
Realization: 8 000 pieces .
ERA LLC began its activity in the beginning of 1997, at that time the entity was referred to as ECOVENT LLC .

The company is one of the first
on Post-Soviet space that began production of
ventilation systems.

Range: 305 items
Realization: 6 000 000pieces .
2007 became a life-changing year for the company: the new direction was taken, new approach to the process of production management , logistics and sales is developed.

So a new 'ERA" of ventilation began !

Range: 967 items
Realization: 13 000 000 pieces.
The company began to develop European markets as a result the logo was adapted under Latin writing.

Range: 1211 items
Realization: 26 950 000 pieces.
The modern market develops in high gear, the consumer today shows more stringent requirements to quality of goods. In 2014 our product range underwent considerable changes. Today new trademarks are introduced to the market, the new purposes and aims are planned.

The Main range of products,
intended for ventilating systems

Hi-tech products for exacting clients.
Homeware products Products, intended for external
application in systems of ventilation,
made from ASA plastic.

Manufacture of ERA company

Modern production is equipped with the newest technological equipment of the leading world brands. The advanced fully functional software allows to use all machine resources to the fullest which guarantees the best results of work.
Shop floors are equipped with modern automatic packaging lines.

The company aims to respond to client requests worldwide — engineers of construction department develop drawings of new products in details, creating products with unique properties and the best technical characteristics, aimed at efficient construction of assembly components, qualitative indexes, but also on external design. We involve talented designers to creation of essentially new products.
39 automatic molding machines provide high efficiency, allowing to produce up to 1,5 million products a month.
We follow up the recent scientific trends, using advanced technologies and developments in our produсtion.
Installation for production of aluminum (stainless) flexible channeled
airproof air ducts (gas pipes).

For improvement of product quality the equipment stock is constantly updated: equipment back-ups are renewed developed and produced. Independent three-level control of finished goods guarantees absolute quality. Products comply to the most strict quality standards of European Union, the German expert organization – TV, certificates of conformity of Technical regulations of the Customs Union and, of course, to Unified sanitary and epidemiologic and hygienic requirements of Russian Federation.


Our purchase department analyzes a material market choosing only approved vendors and in this sense we have something to be proud of ERA company uses materials of the best global manufacturers.

At manufacturing site we use primary raw materials from such market leaders as : Samsung Cheil Industries and LG Chemicals.

Warehouse and logistics company ERA

Modern warehouse complex of A class with a management system of WMS (Warehouse Management System) – which is automation of warehouse processes based on the newest information-processing equipment in real time. This system allows to make shipment of finished goods of any complexity and volume in the shortest possible time.

The effective organization of order delivery to our partners in any place in Russia and all around the world.

The modern warehouse complex of A class

About products of ERA company

To obtain good-quality finished product we realize the strategy of constant development which is based on implementation of innovations and advanced technologies in the field of ventilating equipment. ERA LLC dynamically develops according to market requirements.
The company aims to offer the best conditions on terms of delivery and product range to its clients.

ERA products are carefully selected goods to built up ventilation systems of residential and production premises. We pay special attention to safety and ecological compatibility of products. ERA air ducts are made from special PVC - composition. Unlike plastic air ducts of other producers, they don`t contain, and don't evolve lead and cadmium to the environment.

Sales network

Today the ERA geography of sales stretches across Russia, from Kaliningrad to South-Sakhalinsk and from Murmansk to Nalchik and that counts for 85 Russian regions. Sales network grows and is already well established on European and Asian markets.

On the territory of former Soviet republics, such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova ERA brand products are well known by trade organizations, and end users, who note its high quality and competitiveness.
Our product range and quality of goods are appreciated by market leaders in Russian Federation and CIS.

Promotion support

For successful promotion of products in the market we offer promotional and informational support to our partners, it includes the following instruments of sales promotion:
  • The printed promotional materials have big informational content and and they are easily available to end users.
The small catalog helps to get acquainted with the list of products of ERA company. Information is presented in in tables with some shipping information that makes order placement easier. Catalogue is translated into several languages and has the interactive WEB VERSION.
The big presentation catalogue of ERA company – helps to get acquianted with ERA list of products. Information is provided in colourful and expanded form . The catalog is translated into several languages also has the interactive WEB VERSION.

Information leaflets – helps to notify about new products, development of old product lines and special offers.

Booklets – pick-up material, telling about products. Booklets are divided by trademarks and large categories of goods.
  • Corporate souvenirs which can be presented to business partners, the staff of your firm, visitors of a conference or exhibition. Will become a bright reminder and create positive image of the company!
Рекламно-сувенирные материалы
  • Demonstration stands of different types and complete sets will allow to increase sales due to advertizing and an explanation of consumer appeal of goods. Besides, demonstration stands will allow to optimize costs of the organization of sales: thanks to the stand it is optional to potential client to communicate with the selling assistant to make the decision in favor of purchase.
Demonstration stands
Typical stands. Divided by trademarks and large types of goods. Size1,3*2,3m.
Exhibition equipment.
Standard — for example stand with hatches under tile or hatches for concealed mounting. Non-standard — ones are made according to the customer order.
High-technology multimedia stands in an interactive form tell about the newest developments of the company.
  • Organization and development of planograms
Product laying-out in salespoints

Demonstration and information posters and banners. In places, where there is no opportunity to place full fledged demonstration stands, information is presented on banners and posters duplicating typical stands. For advertizing of trademarks,announcements of special offers and presentation of new goods, numerous trendy, advertizing, agitation banners and posters are developed.
Modern informative website, where you will be able to find any information about company and our goods, contact us, download installation instructions and many other things.
Typical banners and posters are divided by trademarks and large types of goods. Executed on banner fabric, on heavy paper with fixtures for ring plates.

Trendy, advertizing, agitation banners can be made both in corporate colours of ERA company, and taking into account general color scale in sales points not to violate the concept and an arrangement of goods developed by the client.
  • Promotional events for partners and their clients
  • Аdvertising support (media coverage)
  • Involvement of promoters for work in sales points
Promoter in branded ERA waistcoat
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